“Blacks and Latinos make up just 5.3 percent of the workforce at the average technology company — roughly 16 to 18 percentage points behind their representation in the overall U.S. workforce.” “There are even more disparity’s in senior leadership positions in tech, where an estimated 83.3 percent of executives are white.” – BreakingTheMold.openmic.org. Troy Carter is a Unicorn. 💯🙏🏾 We present our Season 1 Finale. The Era of The New Media Company. Featuring #TroyCarter General Partner at Cross Culture Ventures, as well as the Global Head of Creator Services @ Spotify (and 1 of 2 of the ONLY black people listed within Spotify holding an executive position on a 70+ Team) and James Andrews the CEO of SMASHD. DigiGodTimes is the Vanguard. The peoples champion for #TechDiversity and #TechEmpowerment


⦿Episode 67 Playlist⦿

• LoVibes – idk why but i miss u unreleased Beat
• JeremyAvalon – South Dekalb Mall

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Digital Good Times Flipboard Magazine – Episode 67 – Season 1 Finale