Doc Oct type Beat. Mad Reeach with these tentacles. ✨✊🏾💯🍂🍁

A Earl Classic album gotta be so close you can smell it!!! this wiki dude growing on me. but Earl SPAZZIN

Liv.e aka that young Jedi goddess on her way to Jedi Mastery. ✨🤘🏾

Bops for dat headtop!

Foreign Exchange is definitely forever. she on her young Teedra vocally. I like it. ✨👌🏾

always gon bring you different BOPS. Valee different he don’t really miss on his features or in general.

Juls definitely got it. this whole Sounds of my World Project is crazy.

legend in the making. Zack Fox ✨🤘🏾

love the project Title. Stop Calling Art Content. No lies Told. but what do we call it? CArtTent? lol

No embed allowed. But trust you want to see/hear this.✨🙌🏾 excited for this Dijon Album.

Robert Grasper, Chris Dave, D Smoke, Tiffany Gouché = SOUL MUSIC FOR DAT HEADTOP!✨🔥