Virgo ergo I am. Early fall chunes for that headtop. 🍁🍂

Don, Von, & Brickbeats went crazy on this. shout out to the Nati & the Lessondary!

Cleo Sol name says it all. she definitely got soul in her records. ✨👌🏾

Soul Stirring and Mind Soothing New Wave Jazz. 4 dat a$$.Top tier Productivity Music. OnJah

We need a whole album or EP from AZ & Pete Rock. ✨💯

they definitely in my top fav afrobeat/afropop groups of 2021 so far. 🌍

some true young Black tame impala type sh1t! say less.

ENNY on everybodys head top. love it. ✨✊🏾

this whole album is a complete mood. which is how homeshake give it up. Fall music 4 shuri.

Westside in his bag for this song and this last Hermes tape. a good way to end the series.

London Scene Era Fela on yo Head top!!