best chunes you aint heard yet. #DigiTribe Summer 2021. ✨✊🏾

W/ BbyMutha – Lo Fi Boom Bap Pierre Bourne Trap CampLoish barely audible raps Madlib type beat. This dude is the definition of differnt. He’s got at minimum 4-5 different types of sounds on here sometimes on the same song! lol But his music and most of his production is NUTS. ✨👌🏾

idc what nobody say Tinashe got IT and then some. this album is super solid. ✨💯😍

my guy Childish been 7-8 years ahead of everybody. proud of him. can’t stop won’t stop! this certified ✨💯

and now for something hella vibey. ✨👌🏾

LVRN Stay With that heat TUCKED. this is definitely a vibe and I’m interested where they plan on taking this dude.

ya’ll know I had to do it for the continent. West African Tribe / African Diaspora Energy 24/7✨✊🏾🌍

jus a little light Soul & Drum & bass action. Machinedrum’s drums are cray Sauce!

for documentation purposes. and I’m late to this like most 30 somethings. it sucks that this record & Beat SLAP so GaudeD@mn hard like a professional Slap Boxer, but this is the youths soundtrack and the reason they all love opp gun talk and are over the top aggressively violent, kind of the like world. 😞 but I digress.

BRUH! Stop playin and give us that classic we know you capable of & gotta be currently sitting on! 💯

Blu STILL GOT. he gon keep constantly reminding us.✨🔥

bruhhhh what a super fire & soulful record. + its with them BADBADBeasts.

Some Spirit Music. Cuz we all need it right now. Stay Safe & Live Free ya’ll. 🙏🏾✊🏾