Since this might could possibly be the Finale of this incarnation of the MOTW series, 👀😱😲. We ending 2021 with a BANG. Steph Curry with the Drops Boi! ✨🏀💪🏾🙏🏾

Ya’ll already know how Tee T get down. Thats my nickname for her.🤣 She a legend in the making no question.

a NEW youT. when he does that guttural deep voice I’m locked in. lol he definitely GOT one.

The Definition of Cinematic Music. Sheeeeesh. may Jah bless every project that the GOD Alc & Boldy Drop Forever ✨🙏🏾💯

This is that QUINTESSENTIAL WINTER TURN UP MUSIC. Put it in your rotation ASAPS. ✨✊🏾


BLESSSSS UP. Modern Reggae Turn Up!! 🔥🔥This record takes you all over the place but I’m HERE FOR IT. On Jah Jah

if y’all know or have experienced my DJ/Producer Energy then you already know how I feel bout this sample! ✨🙌🏾

I GOT IT OUT THE MUD. Swear to God. ✨💯✨💯✨💯

This the EXACT Kind of Energy we bringing into 2022. The Power of Love✨💯❤️

Mantra Music. to Open up Space in your hearts and Minds!! ✨🙏🏾

That’s All Folks……..👀