We Contain Multitudes.

push your spiritual wig back music. Back when the whole world needs it. ✨✊🏾🙏🏾

the definition of inflammatory cancel me music. a new genre of raps designed specifically to get the rappers rapping canceled. lol 👀😲😅😂 Also Zack Spazzes on this slapper. geeeeeesH!

She’s very fie and makes SLAPS, Summer Energy!

uzi Skiiiiiiing on this beat. Slaaaaaaapp

like how this dude Rejjie been carving his own lane slowly.

Love too see the Controllerise fam & General STLNDRMs getting that feature & placement!! also Sky gets busy as usual!!🔥

Rapsody is in my top 5 favorite emcees in the last 5 years! Bigg big Drip!

this kid bruh. he’s going UPPPPPPP. More Intelligent Nerd Opp Music is coming. Mark my words. 👀

Please Tierra Whack give us a full length that’s at least 20-30 minutes long. WE NEED IT BAD!